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What you'll find here: Floppy disk images for booting and installing linux

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53c406.gz 17Mar95
bootdisk with ncr53c406a SCSI driver support (559288 bytes)
aha2940-0.9b.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) 24Jul96
Boot and Rootdisk for adaptec aha2940 pci scsi (1068474 bytes)
aha2940-0.9d.tar.gz (LSM entry) (LSM entry) 17Sep96
boot disk for adaptec 2940s (1068751 bytes)
azt1182.gz 4Feb95
Aztech kernel image using kernel 1.1.82 (574203 bytes)
azt1_09.gz 17Jan95
slackware disk kernel 1.0.9 w/ aztech CDROM support (551079 bytes)
cramdisk-2.02.16MB.tgz (LSM entry) 19Feb97
two disk image w/ boots to X windows (5532847 bytes)
eata_in_kernel.gz (LSM entry) (README) 20Jan95
Slackware 2.1.0 Boot disk for kernel DPT driver (616065 bytes)
icon.boot.gz (LSM entry?) 9Feb95
boot disk w/ EIDE, SCSI, IDE ATAPI, and Ethernet (601335 bytes)
icon.root.gz (LSM entry?) 9Feb95
color tty root disk w/ ATAPI support (553480 bytes)
in2000.zImage (README) 28Feb94
slackware compatible boot disk w/ IN2000 support (264708 bytes)
isp1020-0.5.gz 27Sep95
QLogic ISP1020 PCI SCSI Driver (31706 bytes)
zeosf.gz 1Ap95
Linux kernel binary for Zeos Pantera 90 (636642 bytes)

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